Songlin was founded under the name Tung Lam Company Limited. A company import / export of agricultural and forest products.
After 20 years in the industry, Tung Lam footprint with other items such as fuel, furniture handicrafts and tea


Tung Lam chain technology investments in green tea Japan to develop the Japanese market.
The plant has a capacity of 500MT / year.


Tung Lam Tra success goes to more than 20 markets around the world including Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, etc.
Tung Lam tea factory is currently operating independently as MTV Tung Lam Company Peace.




Sales reached $ 40,000,000 - up over 20% cassava export market - and bring forest Tung became the leading companies in the industry.
Step a bold step to ensure the sustainable development of Tung Lam, the company has invested in ethanol plants, one of the first factories in Vietnam.


Sales reached $ 80,000,000 of Tung Lam Ethanol standards are exported to markets including China, South Korea, Singapore, etc.



Tung Lam invest in new products, the first step in the revolution of Tung Lam to attack the domestic market.
Including these items are: Co2 gas liquid fertilizer Pigs Laugh, and Modern Tea brand tea.